Transitioning to UltraLight Backpacking

My previous backpacking trips were challenging, due to heavy gear and over packing my necessities. I’ve been trying to find ways to lighten my load without eliminating my needs. Every (lb) counts, so I began looking at the heaviest items in my pack. Below are few of the items I’ve replaced thusfar:


Coleman Sundome 2-person Tent – 7lbs

Field and Museum (Male) backpack – 7lbs

Mummy sleeping bag (very bulky) – 3lbs

Yoga pad (bulky) – 1lb

Eureka Solitaire Tent (sleeps 1)  – 2lbs

Teton Sports Scout3400 backpack – 4.5lbs

Fleece sleeping bag (packed in a dry compression sack) – 1lb

Inflatable Pool air mattress – 1lb

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Posted by on July 31, 2011 in Backpacking